National Frosty Family Vacation

Lisa Frost
photo-41 Howdy Partners... I love summer vacations! I love to travel, I guess I'm kind of a romantic that way. I get so inspired. I believe that a vacation is very important for my soul. I love to see as far as my eyes can see. I love to experience all that I can experience. I like to try different foods and learn different cultures and try different adventures and overcome my inner scardy cat. I love to show and teach my girls about this great and mighty LAND. So this summer we decided to take the girls on a wild west adventure. We traveled to Colorado and Utah, where the majestic mountains give way to ski towns cloaked with tourists from foreign lands. The air is thin and fresh, it smells like evergreens and juniper. Visting the National Parks was much like visiting a massive Art Gallery...curator, GOD. We crossed a few things off my summer bucket list and found the heart of the matter along the way. So many happy trails... xox lisA photo-32Libbie spotted a heart shaped lake from the sky. (She is finally starting to see things my way.)photo-31We used our ski house in Avon, Colorado as a home base for our saw Philip Phillips and John Mayer at Red Rocks. photo-34We learned that rock is sticky and sand is slippy except when you're near a waterfall. Oops Kevin fell in! photo-35We visited Arches National Park and the Canyonlands in Moab, Utah. IMG_6109photo-36 we did a crazy off-road adventure in a H1 Hummerphoto-37We went white water rafting on the colorado river near Glenwood Springs, COphoto-38

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