NEW product...DrinkBlots!

Lisa Frost
I am so excited to have a new product... DrinkBlots! DrinkBlots are reusable, recyclable and sturdy coasters. Each set contains 24 Frosty designs, so no two coasters in the deck are the same! I can't wait to use them as coasters, give them as hostess gifts, string them as garland and make card houses! LOL! Magnet Works, my new partner, is best known for their outdoor garden flags but they have recently branched out with the introduction this year of Studio M - their new artist driven outdoor living concept and DrinkBlots! Learn the story of DrinkBlots and how they are made in the USA. See their step-by-step process behind-the-scenes look I designed a set of frosty-themed holiday coasters (with 24 unique designs) that will be available in retail stores this holiday! Screen shot 2013-06-27 at 6.26.20 AM Screen shot 2013-06-27 at 6.26.39 AM Screen shot 2013-06-27 at 6.26.39 AM

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