Reclaiming my week....Seizing the Journey (week ending June 7, 2014)

Lisa Frost
10300505_10152545141439101_8926289312312819338_n I made a Summer Bucket List. It is my third summer in a row of making one. It helps me to accomplish goals and add more PLAY into my life. I love it! Have you tried it? I highly encourage this practice. Write it down and cross it off and watch the magic happen. 10256244_10152554944779101_3161871527164990213_n I wasted no time in working off my Bucket List and crossed off number one, "Attend a Jack Johnson concert". Jack Johnson is a singer- songwriter- surfer who plays contemporary folk music. We saw him play on a beautiful night on Chicago's lakefront. 10277425_10152557568964101_2221923529681987818_n I felt a huge surge of creative energy during the work week and it felt good starting the process of painting two new collections. 10371996_10152558796859101_5140620999959683191_n-1 My cousin had a baby girl. Named her Elowen, (Cornish for Elm Tree.) I painted her name on a banner for a gift for the newest member of my family. 10247251_10152567718054101_6770498609600009217_n On Friday, I painted lemons all over a Mason Jar and made a special vodka lemonade, called it "Let Loose Lemonade"...and gave it to a friend! 10402827_10152569305324101_1155504192898328965_n Saturday, I caught my doggies snug as a bug on a rug. It reminded me that the best things in life are often the simplest. I hope you continue to seize your journey and find the creative, colorful, joys in your life. xox lisA

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