Red,White and BleachT-shirts...

Lisa Frost
Need a quick and easy idea for a hand crafted T-shirt?  Well, look no further.  This is a FUN and inexpensive project that provides GREAT results. All you need is a dark colored T-shirt, a Bleach pen (available in the grocery store by the laundry detergent), a piece of cardboard, a spray bottle of bleach,paintbrush, a stencil. (The stencil can be store-bought, handmade, or downloaded off the internet and copied on your home printer), and a paint-shirt and newspapers for your work surface!!! It should also be noted that this project requires adult supervision and is NOT for small children.  It involves using bleach. Please note those individuals with allergies. First thing...cover your work space and wear your paint shirt.  Put the cardboard in between the t-shirt layers. Decide on your design. Place your stencil on your t-shirt and spray with the spray bottle. Wait for it... The design will begin to reveal itself in seconds. You can use a paint brush or the bleach pen to add more distinct designs or lettering. I took the cap off the sprap bottle and dripped bleach on the t-shirt to mimic the look of fireworks. BAM! In the shirt below, I simply used the Bleach pen.  Notice the bleach bleeds out a little...but overall makes nice lines. The T-shirt below was created my 11 year old daughter Libbie.  She is very careful, neat and exact with her work.  Her stenciled stars look perfect. She used the spray bottle. Her handwriting is precious and very well done. I also like how she included the sleeves into her design. We put them in the sun to dry. Ta-da!  You could also take this project further and work- back- into the T-shirt with fabric paints and markers. In addition to the holidays...this would be a great Family Reunion or Birthday Party activity. I LOVE it! xox lisA    

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