Rolled Cherry French Toast

Lisa Frost
I've been workin' and workin' on an idea for my Frost & Friends Frosty Brunch. Since it is a candyland theme this year, I wanted something sweet and special. I consulted with my celebrity Chef friend, Sylvia Waldsmith and my catering friend, Kristina Johnson. Here is what we came up with... What you need: 1 loaf of Hawaiian Bread 1 8 oz of cream cheese, room temperature 1 cup tart cherries, drained and divided OR cherry jam 3 eggs 1/2 cup milk cinnamon for garnish powdered sugar for garnish Maple syrup IMG_6429 IMG_6430 Trim the edges off the loaf and roll the bread flat with a rolling pinIMG_6431IMG_6432Mix together the cream cheese and the cherries together and spread on the thin slices of bread and roll them up!IMG_6435 Dip each roll into the egg and milk mixture that you have beaten together and place them on the lightly oiled heated griddle and sprinkle with cinnamon. Cook over medium heat and turn to cook.IMG_6438IMG_6439IMG_6452Sprinkle with powdered sugar and ENJOY!!!IMG_6451

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