Something is whispering to me...

Lisa Frost
1795621_10152320356854101_1789380187_n Last Wednesday, I flew home from Colorado with my two daughters. I sat next to my 16 year old. She was filled with anxiety for the flight, the school work she missed, getting home, etc. I could feel it. So during the flight, I sketched the above drawing for her. I thought it may help her cope. "Empty your mind and fill you heart". My Mom used to say... "Clear your head" instead of "Empty your mind", but I interpret that as the same meaning. Next question... How do you do it? Clear your head? Mom would say, "Take a walk. Clear your head". (But on a plane, not possible.) I said, "Close your eyes and think of nothing but your breathing. Even if just for a minute. Next, replace all those distracting thoughts with thoughts of love". How? Love? Easy. Yes. Not romantic thoughts of love but close-to-God feelings of love. Easiest way is to start is with gratitude... Start feeling thankfulness for the things in your life. Whatever you want. There is no wrong answers here. I whisper... "Thank you for my health, my family, my friends, this awesome world, my art, the plane, home, the sky, birds, etc...." THat's all there is to it. Gratitude is love. "Empty your mind, fill your heart".

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