Don't Give Up

Lisa Frost
1779259_10152326005369101_1753173701_n The winter Olympics just ended. I was cheering for Mikaela Shiffrin from the women's downhill ski slalom team. I feel an affinity toward her because she is from Eagle-Vail where we have our ski home.I even signed her "good luck" card just last week. She skied to a GOLD medal in Sochi, Russia becoming the youngest woman to win Olympic Slalom!!! She hit a bobble in the middle of the second race and it look like she worked through it on one ski. Pretty amazing feat. In the interview after the race she said, "I just kept going, I didn't quit and I didn't stop". I thought her message was bigger than herself and I couldn't wait to paint it in my Morning Sketch. Congratulations Mik and thank you for your inspiration... 1779259_10152326005369101_1753173701_n

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