The Church Lady

Lisa Frost
10175045_10152481325404101_5604754326862617026_n10264331_10152482727534101_6138535594266340537_n My parish, Holy Family is celebrating a HUGE milestone this weekend, a 50 year Anniversary. The nice lady from the church called me in a frenzy. She told me how she has been working on the committee to make sure everything is in place for the weekend of festivities. She ran into some trouble trying to get a poster lettered and put together for the event because she was simple running out of time. In her kind and generous way, she asked for my help. Without a doubt I took on the task. (Certainly, there has been plenty of times when I have needed another to help me.) She delivered the poster in her large SUV. My family laughed when they saw how big it was. But for me , BIG is better. I sketched it out in chalk, sprayed it with varnish and added glue and GOLD glitter. Super easy.

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