Word Up...Finish Up...Strong!

Lisa Frost
IMG_8006 My daughter Maddie plays soccer. She has played soccer since she was 5 years old. She is now 16. She has never complained about going to practice, traveling from here to kingdom come to play in tournaments, getting plowed down and picked over nor did she want to give up after suffering a bad concussion last spring. IMG_8008Maddie has stayed the course and given her complete heart and full energy this year of playing soccer on the JV team at her High School. She is determined to be an outstanding player. She is determined to finish up strong. My Maddie is a girl of few words and many times it takes a little guess work to figure out what is going on inside of her...but she is a girl who leads by example. It just so happens that this year her Coach asked the girls to choose a word for themselves for the season. A word that could help them realize their own potential. A word they could work toward this season. Maddie chose the word... "UNLEASH" (And I painted that word on the back of the soccer ball/door hanger gift I made all of them.)10268699_10152519543564101_4797301468337910662_n From the very beginning of the season each girl held a piece of ownership to their team through their own personal goal of their word.And soccer, much like many sports, requires everyone in the game to take on an integral role to achieving a goal. Everyone must gel together. photo-167 Overall they finished strong. The team was undefeated in their conference...and only lost a few games in tournaments. They experienced a character building season with peaks and valleys...and ended the season on a positive note. IMG_8091 So what I have learned from all of this is that it is pretty easy to start something. But to see it through...now that is an accomplishment. Finish strong. I'm proud of my Maddie for unleashing her focus. She focused and worked hard all year with the hopes of being asked to play up to Varsity. And although it didn't work out this year, I know her time will come. I'm proud of ALL the girls that I have gotten to know throughout the year. I'm proud of her coach to see beyond the day-to-day and work toward developing the character of these girls. I've learned that playing a sport comes with many life lessons. Word up...Finish up... strong!IMG_8104IMG_8103

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