Lisa Frost
IMG_0168 Memorial Day. Never forget. Always honor. Please be thankful for the men and women who have served and protected the United States of America! img063 Many families will remember their fallen heros this weekend. And my Memorial Day heart is filled with sadness for their lives cut short but filled with gratitude and total and complete honor for the peaceful times we've been granted because of their courage. My Great Uncle William was killed in the Line of Duty, serving as a Lieutenant in the United States Army in World War Two. As a child, Mom would read this letter to our family. She could barely get through it without tears... "William Rogers, (0396685), First Lieutenant, Field Artillery, United States Army. For extraordinary heroism in action, from 14 to 17 February 1943, near Sidi Bou Zid, Tunisia. First Lieutenant Rogers served as artillery liaison Officer with a force which was almost entirely surrounded by the enemy. After the loss of all artillery, First Lieutenant Rogers was told by the force commander that he was free to attempt to work his way out of the nearly encircled position, but he refused to leave. The following day, he located an abandoned American 105mm artillery piece, placed the weapon in action, and manned it until it was destroyed by direct tank fire from attacking Germans. Two days later, after breaking through the enemy encirclement under cover of darkness, he and other members of the force encountered another numerically superior hostile force. First Lieutenant Rogers volunteered to lead a small group of men to a designated position to prevent a complete encirclement by the enemy. He successfully accomplished his mission, although he and all the others who accompanied him were killed. During his action he exhibited absolute fearlessness...and his heroism was an inspiration to all who witnesses his performance. His exemplary courage and fighting determination reflect the finest traditions of the Armed Forces of the United States." - Mark W. Clark Lieutenant General, US Army, Commanding. September 23, 1944 FEARLESS. ABSOLUTE FEARLESSNESS.

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