Dad's Shirt Pillow

Lisa Frost
The Dad's Shirt Pillow is a great Father's Day gift. It is a creative way to re-purpose, re-invent, and re-use one of dad's old shirts.  You certainly don't need to use a button-down shirt..."think" overalls for the farmer, robe for the judge, camo for the hunter, beer shirt for the beer enthusiast.  And fill the pocket!  You could fill it with gift cards, beef jerky, fishing lures, guitar picks...whatever dad loves! Happy Creating! xox lisA Our very own Peggy Giannangeli put this together for us.  She even made some detailed instructions:

Dad’s Day Shirt Pillow

 1.  Decide on what size pillow you want to make, 12”, 14” or 16” works the best. 2.  Keeping the shirt buttoned, cut along: -both side seams- around the sleeves- the upper shoulder seams-around the collar (removing it completely) You should now have 2 flat pieces of fabric.   3.  Cut a square from each piece of shirt, the same size as your pillow form.   (You want the shirt to fit the pillow form snuggly, so it’s ok to cut the fabric the same size as the pillow form). You may want to consider where the pocket and the buttons will appear when you draw the square on the front of the shirt 4.  Unbutton 2 or 3 buttons in the middle of the shirt before placing the fabric pieces right side together.  Pin the pieces together around all 4 edges. 5.  Sew around the square using ½” seams. 6.  Turn pillow right side out through the buttonhole opening.  Place the pillow form inside the casing and button to close the pillow.    

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