Garden Girl Apron

Lisa Frost
I love gardening. I hate pulling weeds.  So I have solicited the help of my daughter in the garden...and an old pair of jeans! Gardening and crafting can be easier with a denim jeans apron. Our very own Peggy Giannangeli whipped-this-up on her sewing machine. It is a great way to repurpose an item. I painted and coined it the"GG Apron". Why GG?  It can be either for the Garden Girl and her tools or the Glue Gun holster for the crafty girl. ( I have affectionately named the Glue Gun the GG.)  Peg made a generous pocket on the inside. Peg is so resourceful . The directions on how to sew this can be found here: Happy sewing, gardening, and crafting! xox lisA    

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